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A few weeks ago Tom and I discussed our plans for emergency preparedness to which we both responded “We have a plan?!”.

Let’s face it, we live in southern California and we need to be ready for something like an earthquake or some other natural disaster, or even ZOMBIES!!

My inspiration comes from the “Your Own Home Store”‘s Blog post on preparing week by week, because let’s face it, very few of us have the funds to buy all of this stuff in one lump sum. I hope to have a good working storage by this time next year at the latest.

Now, I don’t want to be put in the “Crazy Prepper” category (unless I have a big prepper fan base, of course!) but I do want to borrow from some of their ideals. I think it’s incredibly smart to prepare a bug-out bag, because one never knows what’s gonna happen to this world and the idea that we may have to pick up and go with whatever we can carry is a realistic possibility. Prepping for the onslaught of a walking hoard of the recently deceased seems more creative than prepping for the moment the earth opens up and sucks California into the ocean or the population goes crazy and we all start to fight hand to hand like some ancient Roman battleground (I really do have quite the imagination!).

Week One Goal: Buy and store at least 1 case of bottled water and look for the backpack’s that will be our actual “Bug-Out Bag”. Research the best items for surviving for the duration (whatever that may be).

What are your thought’s on apocalypse prepping, necessary evil or pointless time and/or wallet-suck?

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