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I’ve been completely avoiding my craft room this winter.

It’s not as if I don’t have a couple of projects I’m roaring to get to. There is a quilt that I want to make for a friend of mine, and I have a new sewing machine that is screaming for my attention. I worked really hard getting everything set up and pretty in there…but ::imagine my best whiny voice:: my workspace is soooo cold! That room just doesn’t seem to get any heat. You cold store meat in that room! I’m completely serious!!

So I’m thinking of getting a space heater. But I have some needs. It shouldn’t be ugly, overly noisy and most importantly, can’t be tipped over by warring cats bapping their way to cat dominance. ::cue Star Trek battle music::


Photo from Amazon.Com

Now this is no ad for Amazon, I promise,  but this seems like the best and safest option for me. I even put it on my Amazon wishlist so that my amazing husband might be reminded of my plight.
I realize I live in Southern California and the impression is that it’s always warm and sunny here (it’s not BTW). But I need to get to work and start showing off some of my things here. Finally!

What are your excuses for avoiding things you know you should be doing?


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