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So we’ve had a couple of questions posed to us so I thought I’d answer some…

My personal favorite: If you can’t afford to adopt a child how can you afford to raise one? (and her follow up comment, I’m just concerned).
This one came over as an anonymous question in the IndieGoGo. (and Tom posted a response publicly on his Instagram)

Well Ms. Anonymous, let me get personal…My husband and I make an OK living. We are not rich people, but we have roof over our heads in the way of a small but respectable house. Pets who are kept in kibble and vet visits (and more than a few of their favorite chew toys). We rarely miss a meal, and when we do it’s because someone was working on a deadline. We probably spend a little to much money on nerd toys and collectables (and I might collect more purses than is reasonable) but I’m willing to redirect that into something more appropriate.
We’re both employed. Tom is a successful working artist (who works from home!) and I work for a entertainment company that’s known in every corner of the world. I’ll say it: My job is to make magic and I’m pretty okay at it.  We’ve already raised a kid (to adulthood) who is awesome (which is mostly him, and just a smidge of us).
Despite all of this, we’ve not managed to have an extra $40,000 laying around. I know, right?!?!
Face it, I don’t know many people who have an extra $40K hidden in their coffers. Adoption is expensive…so freakin’ expensive! None of that actually goes into buying baby stuff, like cribs, and diapers and formula and cute baby clothes with dinosaurs on it. Not.A.Single.Cent.
It’s all lawyers fees, and agency fees, and filing and a plethora of other things.
And here’s the kicker…I didn’t ask anyone to GIVE me $40k I asked people to consider perks that we had set up for purchase. If you pledge, you’re getting art (and my unconditional love and appreciation)!
(on a side note, some people have pledged, perkless – I’m pretty smart, I know who you are and I’ll still manage to give you art!)

How do I know that the money I pledge will go to this adoption process?
Well, I’ve opened a account at my company FCU, that only I have access to, and that the IndieGoGo proceeds will go directly into (meaning PayPal won’t also take a cut). Since I don’t really buy Nerd Toys, I think we’re safe. Additionally, and since you didn’t ask, a percentage of my income goes directly to that account. Tom and I are currently applying for a loan to help with the costs. We’re looking at adoption grants and my company has a reimbursement program that may assist with some of the money we fronted after the adoption goes though.

There are 5 days left, take a look and see if there’s anything that interests you.

If you have any additional questions ask them below in the comments.

Tom and I have put up a fundraising site for the adoption!!

Click for Awesomeness

We wouldn’t feel right just asking someone to open their wallets and give us something without working for it so there are plenty of art perks to choose from, hopefully there is something that you’ll find enticing!

Please pardon my pixie dust while this blog stops talking about my adventures in fertility and begins talking about our adventures with adoption.
There may be changes in the way this thing looks and most probably the tone, but I hope it’s all for the better.
Thank you!

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