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terri bomb - jewelry for awesome nerds!

jewelry for awesome nerds!

For those of you who attended Star Wars Celebration in Florida last year, I’ve published the Rotta The Huttlet pattern on my Patterns Page. You may need a PDF viewer to see it.

Rotta the Hutlet

Rotta the Huttlet

I’ve been completely avoiding my craft room this winter.

It’s not as if I don’t have a couple of projects I’m roaring to get to. There is a quilt that I want to make for a friend of mine, and I have a new sewing machine that is screaming for my attention. I worked really hard getting everything set up and pretty in there…but ::imagine my best whiny voice:: my workspace is soooo cold! That room just doesn’t seem to get any heat. You cold store meat in that room! I’m completely serious!!

So I’m thinking of getting a space heater. But I have some needs. It shouldn’t be ugly, overly noisy and most importantly, can’t be tipped over by warring cats bapping their way to cat dominance. ::cue Star Trek battle music::


Photo from Amazon.Com

Now this is no ad for Amazon, I promise,  but this seems like the best and safest option for me. I even put it on my Amazon wishlist so that my amazing husband might be reminded of my plight.
I realize I live in Southern California and the impression is that it’s always warm and sunny here (it’s not BTW). But I need to get to work and start showing off some of my things here. Finally!

What are your excuses for avoiding things you know you should be doing?


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