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Monthly Archives: December 2013

If you read my post from October 10th this is an update to that…

It’s a good news bad news situation. I’ve seen doctors, I have more appointments but I have a diagnosis and thus a reason for our fertility issues.

First the good news…my Von Willebrand diagnosis, of which I’ve known about since I was in my mid 20’s, is not a contributing factor, and in fact may be assisting in my fertility.  (Who knew!)
I’m in a very good place to be able to conceive and carry a child especially in my very advanced age of 40.  With a caveat, of course.

My husband is perfect (I’m sure he’ll be noting and referring to this for years to come).

Now the bad news…
I’ve been diagnosed with a chromosomal issue called Turner Mosaicism or Mosaic Turner syndrome. It’s hard to find much info on the issue because more is written on Turner Syndrome, which seems like it’s much worse counterpart.
My OB/GYN said that based on the tests that I’ve taken over that last couple of months, in her evaluation, I have a 25% higher chance of miscarriage in the first trimester than would be normal because of chromosomal issues with some of my eggs.
Our next step is to see a genetics specialist, who will then evaluate our chances of conceiving a healthy nerd-spawn. We have an appointment in early January. If that appointment goes well, I might be put on fertility drugs to give me a higher chance of conceiving.
We were told that this doesn’t affect my ability to carry a healthy pregnancy, so one of our options might be IVF from a known or anonymous egg donor. That is outside of our insurance so I’m a little terrified of the cost if it comes down to that. Of course there’s always adoption.
So there you have it. I know that many of my friends have been concerned about me and I appreciate it. It’s been a rough time, but we’re getting through it. At least, hopefully, we’ll have answers or a least a direction sometime soon.

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