I don’t believe much in New Years Resolutions because when I make them and don’t follow through, I feel like a big failure. I’m not much in the way of failing, so I usually just avoid stating them outright.
This year I posted some goals on this site (including writing this blog at least once a week…oops!) and haven’t really talked about them since.

The biggest, and most important thing, at least in my mind, was making this “The Year of the Hodge Podge”. Tom and I want to be happy, healthy and comfortable, seem easy enough.
In the last 10 years or so I’ve gained more weight then I’m happy with. They’re totally “Happy lbs.”. You know, married to my love, feeling mostly fulfilled, and eating out more than I probably should. A couple of years ago I’d crossed over the 200 line and stayed there, inching up little by little.
It was hard for me. I don’t feel I judge people by their weight, but I certainly spend a great deal of time with people who are thin and model-like. I even know a few real, professional models. Models and cosplayers pose for my husband for art reference. I knew it got bad when I began to truly avoid cameras being pointed at me at conventions, I dread the tag requests I get on Facebook after every event. That girl, in those pictures, isn’t the girl I see in my head. So, I take the peek-a-boo approach…if I can’t see it, it isn’t there!

So to the point (finally!)…in the last couple of months, I’ve been watching what I eat, and working out, mostly on our wii fit and walking. I’m not being crazy about it, making changes I’ll be comfortable sticking with in the long-term. I’ve mostly cut dairy out of my diet. Started taking vitamins, which is a huge deal because I hate even taking Tylenol, now I take several pills every morning.

As of today’s weigh-in I’ve lost 19 lbs!


I’ve been under 200 for the last couple of weeks and sill inching down. At work, I started at a costume size 22 (Disney’s costume sizes are larger than the real world sizing that you might find in a store). I’m comfortably wearing a size 18 now, and will soon be in a 16.
I have containers in the garage of cloths I’d sized out of in the last few years and I’m thinking it may be time to go through them as the jeans in my closet that were way too tight a couple of months ago are kinda loose on me now.
So there you have it…so far I’ve lost about 10% of my body weight and I have no intention of finding it again.