I’ve decided that I need to make some changes.

One was the website that I have. I wanted a new look, a new feel. I even changed the web address. I want to free myself from some of my past and move on to the next thing in my life. I expect that this page will see some changes, especially in the way this looks (for sure, the way it looks!).

2012 changed many things for me. I had health issues. I lost friends and loved ones, some to death, others to a parting of ideologies. I spent more time then I’d like to admit mourning these losses. It’s time to emerge and learn to see myself as not just a part of something but maybe the actual something.

Tom and I talked about making this the “Year of The Hodge Podge” and I love the idea (primarily because it’s mine!). We’ve spent too much time lamenting could haves and now we want to focus on the positive and drive ourselves to success.

If you’re still reading…THANK YOU!! I know this first bit has been just a vanity post but here it is. I wanted to come up with a stimulating report, where you learned something and felt smarter for spending time with me but my ass has been kicked by vacationing guests over the last couple of weeks and I just can’t manage it. I just wanted to get this post out. Make it happen. Prove I could.

…and so it begins…